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miday's license, saying the violations were repeated. a review found more than 500 of his patients may have received unnecessary stents. in their report, the maryland board of physicians found that dr. miday implanted stents unnecessarily in four out of five patients reviewed. that he also falsified the extent of the blockage in those patients, saying it was high are than -- higher than it really was. and that he violated the standard of quality care. for his part, dr. miday has denied any wrongdoing. >> i did what i would want for myself, anybody this my family, my mother, father. they were treated appropriately. and with the highest regard for their well being. >> dr. midei's attorney, steven shsnider tells us, that the decision is a disappointment. he goes on to say, frank,
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unfortunately, i think this doctor is fine, he is being put out to pasture and the community receives a disservice by him not being able to continue to save lives. back to you. >> thank you, derek. and wjz is follow this still unfolding story. we'll have reaction tonight at 11:00. new information on the brazen abduction of an 8-year- old baltimore boy. police say the kidnappers wanted cash from the boy's father. tonight, a manhunt for the west baltimore man, police believed coordinated the abduction. wjz is live. mikemike hellgren stays on the investigation. mike? >> and vic, his in a minute is rahim taylor. he is 21 years old. police say there now may be more than just the two people they've named that are involved in this plot. >> reporter: new charging documents wjz obtained, revealed through a witness account, that rahim taylor was likely the mastermind behind the scheme to abduct 8-year-old derek brown.
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>> why did they have to do that to a child? it's just ridiculous. >> the kidnappers left the little boy in an abandoned house on linhurst street. and he lived a few blocks away on gwynn, where he was grabbed on the sidewalk. and wjz has learned he has centered the search in the same block. number 350, sending a s.w.a.t. team there. it's home to nathaniel booker, the one man arrested in the plot. according to those charging documents, booker used his personal phone to demand ransom. >> reporter: police say they used his personal cell phone to track him to this house and found that cell phone right under the chair. >> police say booker asked him to make calls to the dad. investigators questioned the tad, who received numerous demands and texts, demanding $500,000 in exchange for little derek. >> this young man was targeted for this incident. >> reporter: the baltimore sun reports, the kidnappers also
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wanted drugs. while such a bold kidnapping is rare, it's not unheard of in our area. in 2008, police scoured an area after six armed men abducted two teens who were later safely returned. unanswered questions persist in this latest snatching. including, was the fbi involved? and how does the victim's family know the suspects? >> we don't feel like they ash trailer-- arbitrarily picked some victims off the street. >> and the 8-year-old was physically unharmed in the investigation. reporting live, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> and of course, that is the best news out of the whole story. both booker and taylor have extensive arrest records. gruesome crime. a recent law school graduate found murdered. and tonight, there is new information on the investigation. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. police are offering a reward of $12,000 for any
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information. in lauren gwynning's murder. some of her rehaines are still missing. she had just graduated from law school but grew up in howard county. police describe her next-door neighbor as a person of interest, but so far have little to go on in the case. >> thank you, mary. the fbi is now examining her remains. tonight, the baltimore city health department is trying to find out how an mta employee contracted a deadly case of meningitis. wjz is live in west baltimore. adam may has more. >> reporter: even though this worker was there. hjts department says they shouldn't be too concerned. coworkers identify a 46- year-old bus driver, passes away from a rare bacteria, called meningo coccus. >> after consulting with
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members at the health department and the cdc, we've determined there is virtually no health risk from this. >> they explain why bus passengers should not be alarmed. >> well, the thing about this particular bacteria is that it is not spread by airborne transmission. you have to be close enough to transmit saliva, in order for there to be the possibility of getting infected. >> reporter: other bus drivers here at the kirk avenue depot. this is where the driver worked, are all wearing black ribbons on their collars, in honor of their diseased -- deceased coworker. drivers say the man was friendly and always waved when he drove by other buses. >> i feel very sad for him. but i pray for his family. he is my coworker. >> reporter: and mta workers are being offered grief counseling. and that man's family, they're on preventive antibiotics. reporting live, adam may, wjz
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eyewitness news. >> adam, thank you. last year, maryland had nine confirmed cases of meningitis. two anne arundel county teenagers remain hospitalized tonight after being struck by a car. it happened on richie highway in severna park last night, near the early heights fire station. the 18-year-old boy and 17-year- old girl were trying to cross richie highway when they were hit. the driver did stay at the scene. the girl suffered injuries that may be life-threatening. well, we now know the cause of the fire that destroyed an entire row of town homes in baltimore county. kai is in the newsroom with what fire investigators found. unattended food being left on a stove is being blamed for the fire. at the morning side complex in owings mills. 13 adults and 12 children are displaced. managers at the complex are working to relocate the families into vacant dwellings. the damage is estimated at more than 1 million dollars. no one else was hurt. denise? >> the fire department will speak with concerned residentsa
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a meeting friday night. we're finally getting a break from the recent heat wave. a live look outside right now at this hour. a thunderstorm watch is still in effect for parts of the region. meteorologist bernadette woods, bob turk are tracking some activity on first warning doppler radar. and radar has got know very active locally. we'll take a look at this. we've got a little cell up by butler. it's moved right across baltimore city. the heavier stuff well to the south. you can see moving well to the south of our region. one thundershower. look at that. right over the city. from dundalk to west baltimore. and it's moving quickly down to the south and southeast. you folks out to the city, northern a.a. county. edgemere, dundalk county, toward essex. be seeing that shower. south of us, the rain moving out of st. mary's county. into portions of virginia and eastern shore. no severe weather left. we still have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect officially until 10:00 tonight.
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for portions of southern maryland. you can see it in st. mary's county. and lower eastern shore. rest of the activity, very widely scattered. things will get much nicer, the next couple of days. bernadette has a look at some of the temperatures we're experiencing. >> we're already feeling some of the cooldown around the state because of that line of thunderstorms moving through. take a look. temperatures have dropped from 90s earlier today, down to 77 in baltimore. 70s all the way down to pax river. 75 in easton. now, where the sun has come out behind it, they rebounded. look at that change compared to yesterday at this time. 15 to 20 degrees cooler. the cool air will continue to come our way. along with more sunshine for tomorrow. it's going to be a beautiful one. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> thank you, bernadette. maryland's highest court, upholds a lower court ruling that cleared city councilwoman helen holden of prosecution and
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bribery charges. she illegally held in exchange of her votes. the 5-2 ruling by the court of appeals ends the case. she is currently running for re- election. four days of high-stakes meetings and still little progress on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. danielle nottingham has the latest on the stalemate. it's the fourth straight day talks at the white house, and lawmakers are no closer to striking a deal on raising the debt ceiling. democrats and republicans aren't budging, even as warnings about the looming it'd line turn dire. >> clearly, it would be a major crisis. >> both sides are fighting overspending cuts that will accompany the debt deal. republicans don't want tax increases. but democrats insist that has to be on the table. >> with talks the at a standstill. republican senate leader mitch mcconnell threw out a long-shot proposal that gives president
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obama power to raise the debt limit. >> the gop admits, it's the last resort. and is challenging the president to come up with something better. >> in the end, the white house gave us three choices in exchange for a vote to increase the debt limit. massive tax hike. smoke and mirrors? or default? and none of these options is acceptable. the president plans to meet with lawmakers every day, until they break their stalemate. and he hopes each side will eventually give a little. >> the president recognizes that it is his responsibility to do this. it is his responsibility to compromise. and he certainly believes that the republicans ought to do the same. >> reporter: but time is running out, in order to meet the august 2nd deadline. congress has to vote on raising the debt limit by next friday. >> reporter: in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and coming up all new at 6:30, wjz speaks with maryland representatives about how they stand on the debt ceiling stalemate. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. parents, listen up.
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fed up with unhealthy fast food for your children? what some restaurants are now doing. two men slip up. stunning information onarity airport security breaches. i'm jessica kartalija, in anne arundel county. a domestic dispute kills one woman and leaves her daughter in the hospital. that story next on wjz. finally, cooling down. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,
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a domestic dispute in anne arundel county. wjz is live. jessica kartalija has the latest on the investigation. jessica? >> reporter: tonight, that family in anne arundel county is torn apart, as investigators say it was a domestic dispute that just went too far. >> reporter: minutes before dawn, homicide detectives arrive at the 7700 block of jones drive. >> officers got on scene, located a 38-year-old femay, suffering from lacerations to the upper body. >> reporter: police say the suspect, 56-year-old steve richard salb, brutally attacked his wife wednesday, at 5:00 in the morning. >> during that altercation. a 20-year-old female intervened. the daughter sustained lacerations as well. >> both victims were transported here to baltimore washington medical center. within one hour, the mother died of her injuries. her daughter is still recovering. >> police have identified the victim as jill ann salb, neighbors who do not want to go on camera tell wjz, she ran a
6:15 pm
day care out of her home. and say the couple had recently filed for divorce. police say it's still unclear what prompted this early morning fight. >> detectives are looking into that. they're still collecting evidence. they're conducting a search warrant. they've conducted numerous witness interviews at this point. >> reporter: steven salb is charged with first-degree murder and is behind bars. the victim's 15-year-old son was with his biological father at the time. her 20-year-old daughter has been released. back to you. >> the suspect also faces second-degree murder and assault charges. we have good news about the city police officer, seriously injured when she was thrown over the jfx last month. officer teresa rigby is back home, out of a rehabilitation center. she was helping an accident victim, on an elevated section of the jfx, when another car hit a cruiser and knocked her about 30 feet to the pavement below. she will continue her rehab on an outpatient basis.
6:16 pm
in tonight's healthwatch. patients have a -- parents have a new tool. monique griego has more on what parents need to know. >> reporter: eating out is sometimes the most accessible option for busy parents. >> because it's cheap. because it's easy. because the kids will eat it without fuss. >> reporter: olga robbins says she struggles to find healthy options on the menu. punow that may be a little easier, thanks to kids live well. an organization created by the national restaurant association and healthy dining. takes off today, at 15,000 restaurants, include burger king, ihop, el pollo loco; it marks with the red apple for healthy entrees. they must be less than 600 calories. they also must meet strict
6:17 pm
nutritional guidelines. >> reporter: while some restaurants already have options that fit into this program. others are developing new meals that would give parents more to choose from. >> it would be great to see something on the menu that is healthy that children would eat. >> reporter: childhood obesity has skyrocketed to 17%. >> it's a growing problem. and you see it decreasing in age. and kids are getting fatter. >> reporter: also, at st. joseph's medical center, know it's not always possible to cook healthy meals for your kids. and while she doesn't think the live well program is healthy. she says it's a start. >> how much they care. >> reporter: and program leaders say they do plan to expand the program to more restaurants. denise? back to you. >> thank you, monique. and if you'd like to check which restaurants are serving healthy options, log onto, and click on local news. bob is stirring up some storms in local areas now.
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>> we had a thor quickly develop through the city. it's now moving southeast of the city. it has cooled down very nicely. see the radar? most of it with the front south of us. with the warm little cell over southeast sections of baltimore, dundalk. 77 now. humidity 87%. that's going to drop quickly. south/southwest winds, temporarily. barometer on the way back up. we have a really nice forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's a live look outside right now. there's a dark cloud, opening. >> one quick shower developed, literally right over the northern sections of baltimore. take a lock at radar. the bulk of the activity with this front way down to the south now. you can see from ocean city down past southern maryland now. but one little cell did pop up over the city. see that bubble there? here it comes. heading over toward the river and the bay. it will move out very quickly. the bulk of the stuff over northern virginia. that continues to move away from the region. over the eastern shore. rain from let's say, crepo,
6:22 pm
elliott, over toward ocean city. and that's also moving off to the east/southeast. from the city on north, except for that one cell there, is one little shower that just popped up in randallstown. the rest of it cleared up nicely. we've got a really nice forecast. trust me after the shower move through. things will get very, very pleasant. take a look at temperatures down into the 70s. hagerstown is sunny and breezy and very dry now. they went back up to 87. they were dropped in the 70s with showers earlier. 70, oakland. 78, washington. a few spots some southeast d.c. had a few inches of rain. 77, pax river. and 80 now in ocean city. locally, 70s to even bel air. didn't get much in the way of rain. right now, winds are currently southwest. but they're shifting to the northwest. and there's where that dry air is coming in. the dew points to the north of
6:23 pm
us, already back in the 50s. and that's very dry air moving in. this front moving through the air this afternoon and evening. it's going to stall out. somewhere along the north and south carolina border. showers and storms and very hot and humid conditions. for us, you can see the clearing going on forth of the city. beautiful, dry weather moving in. pleasant temperatures back in the low 60s for sleeping. by the end of the week, a little more humidity coming back. and a little warmer by the end of the weekend. fiesta winds, up to 20 knots on the bay. so fis -- nice breeze and sunshine tomorrow. partly cloudy. 64 tomorrow. lots of sunshine. pleasant, low humidity. high in the mid-80s. a beautiful day coming up tomorrow. okay. >> okay. >> it's going to feel wonderful. >> it's going to feel great really. >> thank you, bob. and wjz, masn and the orioles are teaming up to feed the hungry. and we need your help. during this weekend, take
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nonperishable foods to camden yards. we will also take your cash. we will collect them. our entire family will be collecting your donations at the gate. friday, you can meet don, adam, andrea, saturday, meet kai, mark, bob, mark, gigi and tim. sunday, you can meet denise, mary, jessica. >> you mentioned mike hellgren's last name. it's part of his deal. >> mr. mike hellgren. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. offer the streets. one maryland county considering a curfew for children. find out why. breaking the deadlock. maryland representatives take sides in the u.s. debt debate. a massacre in mumbai. a string of near simultaneous bombings rocks india. the latest ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. sphemp degrees. with some showers in the region. thank you for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. stunning new homeland security numbers show that airport breaches are still a huge problem, even with billions spent on security. sandra hughes reports for wjz. and lawmakers want to know why. government statistics show more than 25,000 security breaches at american airport since november 2001. that adds up to an average of five security breaches at each of the 457 airports across the country. congressman jason chaffitz cheers them on and demands answers from the transportation security administration. >> unfortunately, we have to be right all the time. terrorists only have to get lucky once. >> reporter: they spent billions of dollars to revamp airport screening. and the tsa insists the
6:29 pm
problems amount to less than 1.5 billion screened. >> tsa's goal is to stay ahead of the volume of threats while protecting passengers' privacy. >> reporter: a security breach can be anything from a checked bag being misplaced to someone being arrested for trying to get past the security checkpoint. >> reporter: just this past week, a cleaning crew found a stun gun on an airplane. in june, a apparently was arrested after using an expired boarding pass to fly across the country. and the tsa is already take heat for its aggressive screening policies. including patdowns on people. the tsa insists all of it is necessary to protect the flying public. sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> homeland security says 6,000 of the breaches involve tsa
6:30 pm
screeners who improperly screen or fail to screen passengers. financial bombings in mumbai. >> i the three bombs went off during the evening rush hour. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. it comes three years after a terror siege in mumbai left nearly 200 dead. u.s. will stand for people in india and bring the terrorists to justice. india's prime minister is calling on his people to remain calm while the nation is on high alert. no punishment for the anne arundel county man who shot and kill the his neighbor's dog. it's a decision upsetting many. derek valcourt has more on why prosecutors decide not to
6:31 pm
pursue criminal charges. more than a month after seeing her family pit bull cane shot and killed, bianca is still traumized. >> i don't think that was right. what the man did to my dog. >> reporter: it was early june when bianca was walking, came down her street in the severn community. that's when her neighbors unleashed pit bull charged at them. >> i was scared. and them two just got to fighting. >> minutes later, the owner's -- owner came out and shot and killed bianca's dog cane. he said he did it to protect his children. >> i feel that i did the right thing. i feel it was the only option left for me to do. >> reporter: after reviewing all of the evidence, prosecutors decided not to file any criminal charges against tony noriega. nobody from the state's attorney's office was available for a statement. >> reporter: in a written statement, county prosecutors point to this state law, that
6:32 pm
says a person who kills an animal may not be held animal if the animal is considered to be at large or attacking another person or animal. they say that bianca let go of its leash, means she was not in control of the dog. it all doesn't sound fair to cane's family and friends. >> he should be charged. it's reckless what he did. >> derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the state's attorney's office, may not be taking action. but the fight isn't over. cane's family is aggressively pursuing this matter. early this morning, an employee at the green turtle was robbed at gunpoint. this surveillance video shows. one maryland count i is
6:33 pm
considering a curfew is one proposes banning. under the proposal, they would be taken and released to a parent or guardian. republicans still trying to hammer out a deal on raising the debt ceiling. if there is no deal by the beginning of august, the u.s. could default on its loans for the first time in history. well, maryland lawmakers take sides in the debate on raising the u.s. debt ceiling with the focus on revenue and spending cuts. political reporter pat warren was in washington today, where two congressmen offered their points of view. >> the bills are due. and you're as deep in debt as you can legally get. you need to raise that debt ceiling in order to get
6:34 pm
current. but the partners in the household won't agree. do you cut rates or cut spending and where and how and whom? >> let's get some revenue in there. because we need that. we need to control spending. >> the republicans are the same. cut, cut, cut. but they don't want to deal with any kind of revenues. >> i wouldn't vote for a tax increase. we need spending controls right now. >> democrat elijah cummings thinks they are guilty of gainsmanship. >> i think they are trying to make sure that this president has a hard way to go. >> republican andy harris thinks the democrats are using scare tactics. >> absolutely. it absolutely is. and i tell you, i hope the american people look past that. >> reporter: and how will it end? >> we have plenty of income coming in to pay for social security, medicare, our veterans and our interest on our debt. so we will not default after
6:35 pm
august 2nd. >> i would say stay tuned. and i know that may not give a lot of people a lot of comfort. but i really believe with all my heart that this will be resolved. with less than three weeks to the deadline, both sides are scrambling for backup plans. and moody's investor service is threatening to lower the u.s. credit rate being. citing that the u.s. government will default on its debt. one city neighborhood is fighting blight by going green. three people who have found their lives significantly changed by the harry potter series. for these stories and much more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated first warning forecast. was your life altered by the harry potter series? >> yes. because it was in my house a
6:36 pm
lot. i wouldn't say my character was altered. but the quality of life perhaps a bit. from the mound to the courthouse. opening statements for baseball star roger clemens. unthinkable crime. a child murdered and dismembered in new york. who police have in custody. first warning weather center. nice end to our week coming our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,
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police make an arrest after a child is found dead in new york. detectives discover the remains of levi cletsi. the suspect can be seen approaching the boy in a newly- released surveillance video. it appears the two met when the child stopped to ask for directions on his way home from a brooklyn summer camp. a new york theme park won't face any charges in the death of an amputee iraq war veteran. james hackermyer was thrown to
6:40 pm
his death. the 29-year-old lost his legs in a roadside bombs. police say ride operators new allowing hackermyer violated policies. but there was no criminal intent. rupert murdoch has dropped his takeover bid. tina kraus reports for wjz from london. >> it's a stunning defeat for rupert murdoch's media empire. newscorps is withdrawing its $14 billion bid for the lucratifer british satellite company, be sky be. >> reporter: the pullout comes just hours after britain's phone hacking scandal hit the houses of parl parliament. >> what has happened at this company is disgraceful. it has to be addressed. and they need to stop thinking about mergers until they sort out the mess they've created. >> they have warned murdoch to
6:41 pm
back out. but newscorps folded first, saying it was too difficult to progress in the current climate. murdoch is facing charges that his paper, news of the world, hacked into phones. the study has also brought scandal to the prime minister. hiring andycologiston as his communications chief. police arrested colson last week, accusing him of lying about the hacking. >> what the public wants us to do is address this firestorm. they want us to sort out bad practices at the media. >> reporter: a small group of proitivitiors marched outside murdoch's london home. as a car carrying the newscorps boss sped past cameras. members of parliament could question murdoch, his son james and rebecca next week. in london, tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> and murdoch is still leaving the door open to buying sky b, saying newscorps reserves the
6:42 pm
right to put another bid in the future. the perjury trial against roger clemens got under way. the former baseball pitcher is accused of lying to congress, when he denied using performance-enhancing drugs. today, they said they will be presented as evidence. the defense called the evidence fake. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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6:45 pm
get ready for a return to cooler summer weather. showers have cooled things down this evening. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk are updating the five-day forecast. and have a closer look at what we can expect tomorrow. well, the cooldown starts tonight. soy we're just going to start off with that. we start out in the 60s. and the last couple of mornings have been in the 70s. so much cooler start to the day. then as we head into the afternoon, the heat will be up. topping out in the mid-80s. about 85 for our high before we start dropping again tomorrow night. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. >> going to need a blanket
6:46 pm
tomorrow night. down to 60. open the windows. 85 tomorrow and friday. beautiful end of the week. now, by the weekend, a little bit more humidity. 86, 89. by monday, it's pretty warm and humid again. back up above average at 92 degrees. vic? >> okay, bob, thank you. major changes are coming to the most-watched show around the world. ted danson has joined the cast of the original csi. the former cheers and becker star. fishburne had been on the show the past three seasons. the new season of csi began in september. and you can see csi tonight at 10:00, here on wjz. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. actress roseanne barr is stepping into the new reality show. >> reporter: coming up here on entertainment tonight, whatever happened to tv's roseanne? well, she is back in a new reality tv show called
6:47 pm
"roseanne's nuts." but first, she's talking to me. >> it's just completely intelligent, and less dumb [ bleep ] way of living. >> reporter: roseanne is running a 40-acre macadamia nut and livestock farm in hawaii. >> you don't have maids here, do you? >> no. >> you do all of the cleaning, too? >> yes. >> how long is that going to last? >> are you enjoying all of your own housecleaning and laundry and cooking and all of that? >> yes, i do enjoy all of that. nobody can believe that. >> let me check out that caboose. >> reporter: everyone remembers roseanne in her sitcom, but this is real. >> she's challenging! >> in what way am a challenging? >> you are a total -- [ bleep ] sometimes. [ laughter ] >> long-time boyfriend, gen argent, keeps her laughing. >> that's why i like him so
6:48 pm
much. he is so funny, so lit literate. he keeps me laughing and when he laughs at my jokes, i feel so smart. now, new concerns over kate's way. plus, we have your new look at the new glee 3d concert movie. that and more coming up later on entertainment tonight. >> and you can see entertainment tonight, at 7:30, here on wjz. still to come. they're approaching the two- minute warning in the nfl negotiations. and high-profile players are speaking out. >> mark has the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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all right, guys. time to make an agreement. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> quarterbacks are talking. crunch time in the football talks. widely believed in agreement has to be in place by next week. or training camps and preseason games will certainly be affected. today, quarterbacks tom payton, peyton manning and drew brees issued a joint statement, saying the players' proposal is fair to both sides. and it's time to get the deal done.
6:52 pm
representatives will meet face to face. it has been reported that a deal is close and likely to be done early week. the league responded saying they agree that now is the time to get a deal done. and they're working hard. steelers linebacker james harrison needs to get back to work. he was in hot water. harrison is quoted as saying he is a crook. and he criticized his own quarterback, ben roethlisberger. and called ra shan menden hal, quote, a fumble machine. let's go global. the world soccer cup, coming over that exhilarating victory over brazil. abbey woman back over the u.s., scored the dramatic win. she came through today in the semis against france. game tied. u.s. in white. uses her head to knock in a
6:53 pm
crucial goal. that one put the americans on top, 2-1. they would go on to defeat france, 3-1. alex morgan would add a last goal. that moves the u.s. into the world cup final. they will face japan for the championship sunday. to our so-called american pastime. 82nd annual all-star game. the first for matt wieters introduced. the game featured some great defense. toronto's jose batista show he can handle a glove, too. but he hit one beyond the reach of the outfield. a deep blast in the bottom of the fourth inning. and off the top of the wall for a home run. the national league goes onto onto a 5-1 all-star victory. and the national league now, earns the world series home field in october. >> obviously, that's going to
6:54 pm
help us a ton. so it's a -- yeah, everything is awesome tonight. you know? won this. and get to have home field advantage. it's pretty cool. >> i wanted to win just as bad as anyone in this stadium. it didn't happen. now we go back to focusing on the rest of the season. matt wieters got behind the plate to catch two innings. unfortunately, had issues. the pitch gets past wieters. wieters was charged with a passing ball. that has not happened at all this season. that's been the luck of the o's. they're at home tomorrow against cleveland. finally, blustery conditions for the final day of practice. phil mickelson, working through 25-mile-per-hour winds on the seaside royal st. george's course. the open starts tomorrow, with these conditions, expected to prevail. and possibly worsen. not like congressional last month. this is tough stuff in great britain. >> did they ever call it
6:55 pm
because of wind? >> no. only rain. wind is part of the deal. and they're used to it there. thank you, mark. be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
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finally tonight, a little girl in illinois spent a lifetime trying to accomplish what a little girl spent a lifetime to achieve. 6-year-old reagan kennedy got a hole in one. reagan has been golfing since she was 2. tradition calls for machine who gets a hole in one for a round of drinks. the family settled for a round of ice cream cones. >> yeah, a round of drinks. she has no idea what that's about. yet. we'll be back at 11. i'm vic carter. and thanks for watching wjz eyewitness news. don't go away, much more ahead on the cbs evening news, including can a negotiation get done. the status of new yorks
6:59 pm
>> tonight, americas top banker is warning of a financial clamity. if congress and the president can't reach a deal on the debt. nancy cordes and chip reid have the latest on the negotiations. the hacking scandal scuttles rupert murdoch's plans to expand his media empire, and now members of congress are calling for an investigation. on the front line with libyan rebels as they battle for a key village. and team u.s.a. advances to the finals. but will these winning women have a future in soccer? once they get home. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> good evening. scott is on assignment tonight. i'm russ mitchell. pressure is on congress and the president to reach a deal on debt. default could lead to financial clamity,.
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